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A case for Europe

Hannah Arendt in The Origins of Totalitarianism makes an argument the Antisemitism is a product of the 18 Century of the Industrial and Mercantilism, since the Jews stop serving usefulness to the elite, since 429 (began in March 26, 429 and published in February 15 430) with the codification Theodosian Code denying the Jews any land ownership, in Poland for example, Casimir IV the Jagiellonian (1447–1492) retracted the right to work the land.
While historical they are two documents of Anti-Semitism, in the Elephantine Papyri consist of 175 documents from the Egyptian border fortresses of Elephantine and Syene (Aswan), besides of individual Jewish family saga (Ananiah and Tamut), but the request to rebuild the Jewish Temple in the Island destroy in a Pogrom early, the request when to the Persian governor of Judea, appealing for assistance in rebuilding the Jewish temple:
“Now our forefathers built this temple in the fortress of Elephantine back in the days of the kingdom of Egypt, and when Cambyses came to Egypt he found it built. They knocked down all the temples of the gods of Egypt, but no one did any damage to this temple”
The request also when to Sanballat I, a Samaritan potentate, and his sons Delaiah and Shelemiah, as well as Johanan ben Eliashi, mention in Nehemiah 2:19 and 12:33
They gave a positive respond:
There was a response of both governors (Bagoas and Delaiah) which gave the permission by decree to rebuild the temple written in the form of a memorandum:
“Memorandum of what Bagohi and Delaiah said to me, saying: Memorandum: You may say in Egypt ... to build it on its site as it was formerly..."
Moreover, after the Jewish revolt in 70 AD, Rome transforming Jerusalem to Aelia Capitolina  (Jerusalem was dedicated to Jupiter Capitolinus in the site of the Jewish Temple) to 638 AD the date was conquer by the Arabs. Hadrian had the determination to deny any claim to the Jewish included Judea in Syria-Palestinian province.
The second instance Alexandria 38 BEC, in the Monotheist cults (Christianity and Islam) the Jews was the other (see The Historical Origin of antisemitism, Israelowitz 2016, Gustav Landauer Press), with Constantine make Christianity the official Religion of the Empire, Christianity was in direct competition and later on Islam about the ownership to God.
Napoleon understood the Europe was found on this Mythology, to brake with his Secular Empire, his creation gave for the first time the Jews a citizenship, where being a Jews is normal not the outsider (see Richard J Evans, The Pursuit of Power, Europe 1815-1915, 2016, Allen Lane an imprint of Penguin Books), the caricature created Hadrian, Christianity (no more a courses for not accepted the Christian Messiah) and Islam (by not accepting the Prophet, while the Dimmi laws was not unique toward the Jews included the Christians, the different  was the Islam saw the Jews more weak, where Christianity had back of Armies who fought Islam).
Napoleon defeated by the British and holy Alliance of the Czar and Austria, a reactionary, since Frank Jesseph and The Czar believed in Autocratic authority, the British tolerated, since their Empire was commerce, and the their despotic was not only to maintain power as the case of Austria and Russia, but commerce.
After the Lithuanian-Polish Commonwealth, weaken by the Sweden, and Sweden lost the territory to Russia, Katheryn (the German Princes now the Czarina of Russia), the territory where the Jews inhabited the Pale (the region was from Odessa to middle of Latvia), she confined to territory, not Jews were allot to inhabitant Moscow.
In the transition period (there was a total of three partitions, the first with Prussia in 1772 losing 30% of the territory, the second partition was in 1790, Poland form a nation supported by Prussia, Prussia interest was a buffer to Russia, eventually abandoned in 1795 the thirs partition Poland lost  Russia gain 1 Million and 120,000 Km square, Prussia 55,000 Km square and Austria 47,000 Km square, Poland is political identity stop to exist), in the disintegration of the Commonwealth the Poles fought the Russians their distinct culture and Religion, different from Orthodox Russia, the Rabbis of the fourth lands needed to decided which site to take, in the end the Jews cannot find common front, some fought with the Poles against the Russians, others submitted to Russian Rules, the internal disagreement, was Catholic Poland foster an Anti-Semitisms in the every day, while the Russian still was unknown, in the long run Russia rule driven by Rusification was harsh to everyone, the Lithuanian for 100 years can never speak their own language, Ukraine suffer a cultural  Genocide, in Poland the Universities were closed, for the Jews the Czar obligated the communities to give 3 of their sons to the Military, while for the Russian the Military was 3 years conscript, for the Jews was 10 years, because the Jews began to Marry their son at 13 Years old, Russia impose the legal age at 12, in the end with Czar Secret Police created one of the must Anti-Semitic books The Protocols of the Elders of Zion written in 1903, which fuel Antisemitism in Europe to new highs.
The 19 Century Antisemitism was secularization open pseudo sciences and pseudo occult theories (see Goodrick Clarke The Occults Roots of , 2004 and Aryan Cults, Esoteric Nazism and the Politics of Identity, Black Sun, 2003), Richard J Evans in The Third Reich in History and Memory, 2015, Little Brown, discuss the German Empire using Industrial Genocide in the Namibia Colony (specially introduction of Concentration Camps) and introduction of Racial laws in Rwanda all this early 1900´s while the first Industrial (scale terror) was carry by Leopold II in the Congo, included the French in Algiers in 1870´s while was terror in Industrial scale.
Arendt provided the inside of the Epistemology of Industrial mass killing, previously the conflict between power of Islam, by invaded Spain, and occupied Spain from 792 to 1492 (does not included the Alpujarras revolt 1568–1571, two Kings crowned during the revolt), the Battle of Lepanto, Venice stop Islam in Lepanto, but the Stopping of Turks in Vienna twice stop any more claims of Islam or dreams towards Europe (see Weatcroft, Infidels A History of Conflict between Christendom and Islam, 2003 Penguin; The Enemy at the Gate,  2008 Basic Books; The Ottomans Dissolved Images, 1993 Penguin Books—Karsh Islamic Imperialism A History 2007 Yale University Press).
Half of the 20th century, WWI brought Industrial Killing in Military and WWII Industrial Killing included civilians (see Ian Kershaw to Hell And Back Europe 1914-1949, 2015Penguin Books), while the first Industrial genocide carry by the Ottomans, to the Armenians in WWI closed to 1.5 Million (the analysis refere to 800,00),  (Schaller, Dominik J; Zimmerer, Jürgen 2008. Late Ottoman genocides: the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire and Young Turkish population and extermination policies – introduction". Journal of Genocide Research. 10 (1): 7–14, doi:10.1080/14623520801950820; Ferguson, Niall , 2006. The War of the World: Twentieth-Century Conflict and the Descent of the West. New York: Penguin Press. p. 177). The absolutism of Austria and Russia monarchies become the seeds of WWI, Franz refusal of Serbs freedom recent in the Slaves in Balkans or Russian Czar give the freedom to Serbs (See Evans, The Pursuit of Power, Europe 1815-1915, 2016, Allen Lane an imprint of Penguin Books), but carry a despotic absolutism, open doors to Russian Revolution
Primo Levi described when he arrive to Auschwitz, when the Number was tattoo he was not a person he was the Medieval Jew not a person, but there was no-more Medieval Jews under Theodosian Code, he was not a person, the Christian Nihilism of Europe, while Europe identity (this should include Islam) was defined in the Antisemitism, the US of America was defined by race (while slaves was part of Antiquated, Islam—the innovation as mention in Arendt, Race become the reason entree to justify Slave system, see Parkinson The common cause, Creating Race and the Nation in the America Revolution, 2016, The University North Carolina Pres; Johson and Smith Africans in American, 1998 A Harvest Book, Hardcourt Brace & Company),  for 500 years of institutionalism (Hugh Thomas, The Slave Trade, The story of the Atlantic Slave Trade 1440-1870, 1997, Simon & Schuster; Wilder, Ebony & Ivy Race, Slavery and Troubled History of America´s Universities, 2013 Bloomsbury Press) .
Europe born of the Ashes from Civilian Genocide, in some level Fascism with Corporate state (Mussolini said he was Anti-Semitic before Hitler mention in a letter to his mistress Clara Petacci, Bosworth Mussolini´s Italy Life under Dictatorship, 1915-1945, 2006 penguin), Salazar (Estado Novo—one required for the economy to function the need of colonies to provide the raw materials and the state to produce the consumer products) in Portugal put in motion this theory in the must pure form, the inertia of the Bureaucracy stop the economy in his tracks, the same when with Franco.
The corporate state was Roman Catholic alternative answer to Socialism, aware of the inequality from Pope Leo XIII (1887-1903)respond against socialism was negative to the idea Socialism rejected Private property his alternative Corporate   economy where the workers, state and owners negotiated for the benefice.   
For Germany the Utopia for his corporate state was cult of race and the other was the Jews. Independent of the emotional manipulation the continue economic conflict between France and Germany due to coal production, after WWII in 1951 creation  of European Coal and Steel Community, propose by French foreign minister Robert Schuman on 9 May 1950 as a way to prevent further war between France and Germany.
Russia revolt against the despotic autocratic Czar, created a centralize authority (in some ways the Lenin transfer the power from Autocratic Czar to the Autocratic state—directorship of the Czar to the working class, Dostoyevsky in Crime Punishment the Moral Power (The Social definition of Behavior different from Individual Behavior: Morality is the codes and values which we live by (, where ethics is the individual choice ). The Czar had authority given from divined—in Lenin/Marx case the moral authority was from the toil and exploitation of the majority who created the wealth for the few—the working class) ), which take the backward to an industrialized nation, but because the same reason saw a limitation, which limited their own revolution only to Russia (see Kershaw To Hell and Back Europe 1914-1949).
The clear failure show twice in Spain in 1936 the Spanish revolution, the first is Kerwshaw described the Communist did to have tolerance towards decent (Orwell, Homage to Catalonia, 1952 Harcourt, Brace & World, Inc New York; Hugh Thomas, The Spanish Civil War Eyre & Spottiswode (Publishers) LTD; Beevor Antony, The Battle for Span The Spanish Civil War 1936-1939, 1982 Phoenix; Leval Gaston, Colectividades Libertarias En Espana, 1977 Editorial Aguilera—Madrid;  Marin Dolores, Anarquistas Un Siglo De Movimiento Libertario En Espana, 2010, Ariel). Despite Franco not just sympathies with Hitler cause in the name of Fascism, passive/active work for Hitler cause, not repercussions, with the exception Spain was isolated, in part because Stalin abandoned Communist in Spain to maintain his sphere influence in Eastern Europe, for political Expediency, as Orwell disillusion with Centralize Left—the Communist Party in Spain, in Animal Farm, some Animals are more equal than others.
Russia taken a different direction the Socialism, force collectivization in Ukraine and center on Russia, not other voices as Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Poland found out, the Soviet was Russia Socialisms, Russia fear of the Marshal plant, since Czechoslovakia and Poland were very receipted Russia wanted to maintain sphere influence a buffer to the west. Russia created COMECON (Council for Mutual Economic Assistance—1949) to contra balance the economics of the West, with great growth of Russia in the 1950´s all become to stop due to the Centralized economic development in COMECON and reality was subside Russia, the economic inertia finally taken effect in 1980´s, with the end of Soviet empire.
The west driven had not to do with economics but the continue blood of for last 2000 years culminated with the Genocide of the Civilian population.
Today Europe is in Crises in some ways from external and Internal, while the solution already on hand.
Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union, have reduced his economy to evolved to corporate state based on a  kleptocracy and the Imperialist dreams of sphere of influence, for Eastern Europe the 75 Years of Imperial Soviet do not want to do with Russia, on the other had US model of few haven the wealth, and free for all lazier economic system, in 2008 economic meltdown, begin between a collusion between the Banks and rate agencies, given triple A, hypothetic, praying on the current interpretation wealth base on house ownership, but given credit to people could not maintain the cost, many of this companies come to low middle class, minorities to equivalence of renting to home ownership, without tell them extra cost. When the self-fulling economic prophesy burst the economic model, the US banks having a foot in Europe through London, sold Europe junk bonds, where some self-contain economies Ireland and Spain had their own House Bubble, but since credit become scare, limited the credit for rest influence included the bond credit for Greece, Documentary Inside Job by Charles Ferguson, show the Mechanism, the failure, complicated, historical the idea of Private property was based on exclusivity  given by the structure who hold power (see Proudhon What is property; Carso Kevin Studies in Mutualist Political Economy, 2004 Fayetteville Ark), in other words the legitimation only through the structure.

The economic alienation produce populisms, historically populisms in the working class with exception in Spain (at most part), the left, but In Europe has been to the right with the consequence of US actions in Iraq resulting un-stability in Syria and the rise of the Islamic state, Anti immigrants and fear of Islam imposed by population in US the rise is Economic Nationalism, given by the same elites and party who sold illusion of trickle down economy, the three states in US which follow are economic bankrupt, Kansas, Oklahoma and North Caroline, lowing the taxes does not increase wages—after all the cost production is fix, does not create more jobs, if there is not demand cannot bring more jobs, and automatization will increased if production can be better or more , with less workers cost is less, since in the Capitalist system the collection of individuals make macro, does not care the macro, the consequence as stand now is unemployment, limiting access education and health system a cost.
The irony in US the Economic Nationalism is run by someone who bankrupt itself six times, avoid the draft fourth times, never pay their contactors, the bank loans or their employers in minimal, and exploit illegal immigrants.
The reaction to Europe populism is many of them, see the benefit of internal open borders, Erasmus is education tool, even Hungary due fact small country cannot be economically independent, moreover in Germany every street there is Holocaust, France with immigrant issues does remember the cost of Nationalism, Easter Europe the Russian occupation, despite all the machinations towards Ukraine, Russia Imperialism and Russia never expect Ukrainian population will stand, many see their economic development model to Poland.
The British exit of EU open doors for better integration, but the ethnic’s identities and Centralized bureaucracy. Europe has a historical model the canton of the Swiss Federations, Europe have the mechanism to transform itself  libertarian (left),  the Mechanism exits: The Council of European Municipalities ( and European Councils (, the Federation consist of 150,000 regions a total 41 countries, the Bologna need to discard and return  local higher education, to transform and increase to open Universities—Popular Schools—Popular Universities, the system was developed according to pay for fee Anglo-Saxon system, which UK is not part  of EU, their need not need to consider.
The welfare should be independent work driven similar to Denmark model. Germany economy is based on medium and family production, why not encourage cooperatives, since us passing to a pots-scarcity economy, where Artesian and individualism economy, haven a Minimal Salary, to open doors to new ideas, for individuals experiments and created.
Brookchin in Post-Scarcity Anarchism and some extend Gustav Landauer gave political and economic Models, the Kurds in Rojava are applying this model, with this model, while Cataluna cannot be independent from Spain, can be independent in Spain, European Union will not disappear, will make more adaptive and open—individual communities can respond to their individual needs, despite the nationalism dreams the borders are open, information cannot be control will leak in one way on other, wealth can be transfer touch of a button, crypto currencies will make harder to stop, with 3-D printers a product can be produce in your own house, manufacture become individualist. European Union can be the umbrella where all this experiment is occurring making life better for everyone.
The climate change is forcing us to turn to sustainable green technologies, solar, wind biogas, electrical cars, electrical plane are here to stay and development cannot be stop, a change where the economics, education where with a computer system classes can be taken, information can be published anyone with the same interest have access, an open society, even with disinformation, reality, movement of life cannot be stop.

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A question of Science

Science is a complicated process of understanding in some many levels—they are two basic questions needs to be answer. The first is a control and second can the prediction can be replicated. There is a misunderstanding—a mythology, the idea between hard science and soft science, where each disciplined required different levels of understanding and required different set of skills.
While, a model—predictions need to consider only what replications say, will be very disingenuous to force a replication, to fit a model, and the skills—understanding are different. There is no such thing one body of knowledge is better than other, each level of understanding given a better perception of our surrounding.
Mathematics dependent on the logic able to maintain an internal consistence—if not a misunderstanding, on the other hand, other understanding—epistemology dependents ideal of a simplicity or universal understanding others really dependents, because the complexity where the question, then complex understanding required.
How a body of knowledge is created, how the knowledge become its own identity. Many factors, one when a questions needs to be dedicated their own set of understanding, when the question born from other analysis, cannot be answer by previous knowledge, and required a dedicated own knowledge, a new body of knowledge is born.
While we used mathematics, not be consider just a tool, where mathematics has to answer their own questions independent how is being used, the user of the tool need consider just a tool for his own purposed. Each epistemology comes from his own set of question and answering their own, while maybe be related to others, there is complexity, maybe lost when a single view is being consider.
Many will consider there one body of knowledge is better than others, which miss the point, when we consider a body of knowledge, cannot be compare, because the question is different, so the issue every body of knowledge become their complexity. One example shows this complexity our evolution of our brains, which dependent in a localized plasticity.
The plasticity dependent on actual physical limitation, but to overcome the space a solution, a hardware solution, evolution, the synapses 3 trillion of them changes, while the keep a reference point—memory, smell, vision cue or other technique, the plasticity able to connected to correlated new patterns, what we are, our strength and our weakness, evolution give such elegant solution, simple and complex, making an amazing, how life with his own limitation—created a solution, dependent on the context  of the process where the question is born and encounter.
There is no such thing one is better than other, all dependent what is the question—understanding, not to say there is no such thing right or wrong, not unique to any group or believer group, never do to others, what do not want to you, the question of fairness, power—how someone defined ownership, who owns the law, how the law set to favor one group towards others. How property is defined, who benefit, what is individual committeemen towards the collective—what the collective committeemen to the individual, what are the relationship.
Science is not a detached endeavor, is part of collective experience, we can share, dream and make live better for all of us, no man is Island, we all shared a common experience,  not just our specie, but we trivet in this evolution, because evolution, the environment was conducive for us to trivet, we have an obligation to all of us—ourselves to environment who made life for us possible a better placed, this experienced what make us human experience, growth all of us, an injury to one, as injury to all of us, we do not won this world, whether we exist or not the world—with his evolution will continue, what we are what we make for everyone, and our environment.
We are in cross roads, the drought in Syria force population to move, forcing a social moment, but because US involvement in Iraq, the conflict spilled in Syria, and this forced an emigration which was taken place from Africa, because the corruption, inequality in Africa move to Europe for a better life, bringing their individual problems, and with crises in Syria,  the xenophobic groups, encourage and supported by Russia, applying 19 century Russian Imperialism of Russification, now we are ended 2017 with a delusion this problems will resolved, in case Syria and Iraq carved  minorities living side by side, having different believes, language, traditions and historical grievances are not going away nothing have change, the long this grievances—differences are confront and resolved.
The should be an independent Kurdish state independent what Turkey say—Russia or other nations, sometimes individuals need to be separated to find their identity and able to deal with the world around, not as nationalism, but recognition of individual, while nationalism is based on some historical, ethnic, cultural—believe, individual recognized in the human-experience.

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Dreams of Peace

Homo Redux

Biology is very complicated science, the nature of the biology, sometimes have simple interactions, other times complicated interactions, but due there is a fundamental interaction  outside, due to the environment, itself , always is complicated, there is no accident, a tool in Biology is the used of the statistics to explain many of this complex interactions.
In popular culture the idea intelligence (the question what is intelligence—consciousness, we can defined to respond intelligence is respond to the interaction and consciousness is awareness of interaction).
Nature have given two factors driven organic system survival and continuation, but in the same sentence nature measure the cost, how much energy used to balance this effort (Israelowitz et al,  2011, Bionic Engr Journal, Vol 8, 129-139; Israelowitz et al, 2014, New Journal of Science: Biophysics) . Evolution finds many strategies, before De Waal in Prosocial primates: selfish and unselfish motivations, 2010 rediscover Mutualism, Peter Kropotkins Mutual Aid: A factor of Evolution, first published in 1902, shows as a strategy, since minimize the energy cost, by showing co-dependence increased the opportunity for survival of the specie.
Gödel as a responded to Russell and whitehead principia mathematics, connect where the try to connect logic (a Philosophy discipline) to Mathematics, in part due misconception the since science is express in mathematics the will be a unification of knowledge. What Gödel say the long was an internal consistence in the mathematical stamen will stand, the issue is not stamen ever wills consistence, the best you can say in so far as known.
This is a limitation to any set of rules, interactions cannot be redux to set of rules, to just chemistry recipes, evolution strategy is human have 86 billion neuros (Azevedo et al, 2009. J Comp Neurol. 2009 Apr 10; 513(5):532-41. doi: 10.1002/cne.21974 ), but what is key is the 1 trillion of synapses (connections) the reason is plasticity.
If male have stroke and paralysis (, then due males have two hemisphere disconnected, regaining speech become hard rod only possible due to plasticity (the synapses making new connections), if the same event occur to female our species, the biology, female have two the two hemisphere connected have easy time to repair due to more connections in the plasticity, what the plasticity due is an evolutionary strategy better connection, in other hand the more basic interactions chemical level, Charlie Rose with Kendall in their series about the brain, the schizophrenia deal with a particular aspect, evolutionary strategy our brain growth 3 times to our 18th then the brain bring shrinks, at that moment study show the dendrites (pruning where plasticity is not possible), (
Another aspect of evolutionary strategies our early memories for most of our species begin when seven years old, early memories are suppress, there is correlation this memories dependent on speech ( As anecdote the sister of Steven Jobs last words was vow, all this connections shot down, what will be.
Our science dependent allot instrumentation, before analysis can take place, one criticism of Positron Emission Tomography is show regions, but not the detail of the plasticity, regions do not show detail of dendrite interaction, other methods need to be consider (Freedenberg et al, 2014, Performance and Limitations of Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Scanners for Imaging Very Low Activity Sources, Phys Med. 2014 Feb; 30(1): 10.1016/j.ejmp.2013.04.001), the issue become, the evolution strategy become in the plasticity, and the question what is minimum connections a biological system can create awareness.

Part of the Homo Deus redux is the fact mutualism is one best evolutionary strategy, the economic meltdown 2008, where trust verify was ignore, based on the illusion the greed is rational, when the Agencies which certified (private) the bonds, lie and sold junk bonds with excellent certification, and the fact many this banks take avenge London was the hub for European Union, the US bank unload this junk bonds to European Union creating the economic meltdown in European Union.

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