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Homo Redux

Biology is very complicated science, the nature of the biology, sometimes have simple interactions, other times complicated interactions, but due there is a fundamental interaction  outside, due to the environment, itself , always is complicated, there is no accident, a tool in Biology is the used of the statistics to explain many of this complex interactions.
In popular culture the idea intelligence (the question what is intelligence—consciousness, we can defined to respond intelligence is respond to the interaction and consciousness is awareness of interaction).
Nature have given two factors driven organic system survival and continuation, but in the same sentence nature measure the cost, how much energy used to balance this effort (Israelowitz et al,  2011, Bionic Engr Journal, Vol 8, 129-139; Israelowitz et al, 2014, New Journal of Science: Biophysics) . Evolution finds many strategies, before De Waal in Prosocial primates: selfish and unselfish motivations, 2010 rediscover Mutualism, Peter Kropotkins Mutual Aid: A factor of Evolution, first published in 1902, shows as a strategy, since minimize the energy cost, by showing co-dependence increased the opportunity for survival of the specie.
Gödel as a responded to Russell and whitehead principia mathematics, connect where the try to connect logic (a Philosophy discipline) to Mathematics, in part due misconception the since science is express in mathematics the will be a unification of knowledge. What Gödel say the long was an internal consistence in the mathematical stamen will stand, the issue is not stamen ever wills consistence, the best you can say in so far as known.
This is a limitation to any set of rules, interactions cannot be redux to set of rules, to just chemistry recipes, evolution strategy is human have 86 billion neuros (Azevedo et al, 2009. J Comp Neurol. 2009 Apr 10; 513(5):532-41. doi: 10.1002/cne.21974 ), but what is key is the 1 trillion of synapses (connections) the reason is plasticity.
If male have stroke and paralysis (, then due males have two hemisphere disconnected, regaining speech become hard rod only possible due to plasticity (the synapses making new connections), if the same event occur to female our species, the biology, female have two the two hemisphere connected have easy time to repair due to more connections in the plasticity, what the plasticity due is an evolutionary strategy better connection, in other hand the more basic interactions chemical level, Charlie Rose with Kendall in their series about the brain, the schizophrenia deal with a particular aspect, evolutionary strategy our brain growth 3 times to our 18th then the brain bring shrinks, at that moment study show the dendrites (pruning where plasticity is not possible), (
Another aspect of evolutionary strategies our early memories for most of our species begin when seven years old, early memories are suppress, there is correlation this memories dependent on speech ( As anecdote the sister of Steven Jobs last words was vow, all this connections shot down, what will be.
Our science dependent allot instrumentation, before analysis can take place, one criticism of Positron Emission Tomography is show regions, but not the detail of the plasticity, regions do not show detail of dendrite interaction, other methods need to be consider (Freedenberg et al, 2014, Performance and Limitations of Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Scanners for Imaging Very Low Activity Sources, Phys Med. 2014 Feb; 30(1): 10.1016/j.ejmp.2013.04.001), the issue become, the evolution strategy become in the plasticity, and the question what is minimum connections a biological system can create awareness.

Part of the Homo Deus redux is the fact mutualism is one best evolutionary strategy, the economic meltdown 2008, where trust verify was ignore, based on the illusion the greed is rational, when the Agencies which certified (private) the bonds, lie and sold junk bonds with excellent certification, and the fact many this banks take avenge London was the hub for European Union, the US bank unload this junk bonds to European Union creating the economic meltdown in European Union.

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Natura naturans

Spinoza dictum Natura naturans (while coined in Medieval times), meaning Nature does what nature does, not divine, in other words according to their own nature rules. While the scientific method means two factors, there is a control and anyone with some skill (Training in the Arts) can reproduce the claim, on other hand, any claim dependents on the experiment, and experiment itself, dependent on instrument and observation (for closed to two thousand years human cosmology was Claudius Ptolemy model—only when the observation of Tycho Brahe and Kepler analysis, Copernicus setting a new theory  and interpretation set based with Galileo introduction of telescope as instrument open a new dimension how to view science) , and while theoretical models can give inside, dependents allot about how much uncertainty is being described. Biology is a descriptive science, but occur with so much uncertainty, not possible to reduced only to some rules, where statistical analysis is intertwined with the description, making Biology a complicated science, moreover when combined with other disciplines, chemistry and physics makes this a very complicated field.
Since, the nature of science required persistence, dedication, and perseverance, time, limited his access, while no one can own science and anyone can practice and become a practitioner, while in our political system have created privilege by setting gates to limited, in some ways, the reason of their influence, because we accepted the tradition, not tradition is not set, change, due to external, social and scientific method (mention early), change occur, even when the leader of a field lose influenced (death), open the field to a new group, since is not dominated, science is in a continuum flux, while, some principals become fundamentals, like evolution, today Genetics have verified more than ever, but Darwin evolution made prediction and verified-case of some Orchids for pollination need a long stock to access eventually found, verified the prediction.
The Scientific Method, only can be when is verified, the simplicity, but the complexity, because to verified required in uncertainty—this is the beauty of nature, nature follow his rules, we the observer, to find and described this rules is the challenge. Technology is the manifestations of the observations.
How to practice these Arts, as to let others to follow our observations, the written are recipes anyone can follow and get to the same conclusion, does not mean somethings we travel in the wrong direction—but needs verified.
One example of this beauty, Newton inside the Gravitation, affected in long distances (we conclude the force affected infinity), Einstein in his theoretical model demonstrated not what it is the relation of mass and space, but finite (everything is limited to the speed of light) and taken more than 85 years to prove of this gravitational waves, but in more deeper, how in the microscopic is behaved become a challenge, since in this level quantum rule, wave function the limitation does not applied—making the reality a challenge and interested, while we do not have a total undemanding, nature follow his rules, whether we understand—the beauty is able to find ways to get better understanding, we maybe will do not have all the understanding, but nature will continue in his rules, given any one the opportunity to get inside.

The objective is to advances—not a competition, the assigned to limited the access, not just unjust, who made the judge, the jury and executioner—any one, none, we share this third rock from the sun, who because and happen, we are, we should leave a better place, not for us, but the generations to come, science dependent on billion eyes, our eyes, we can make lives of everyone better, no one owns, we share, because in the end no one knows which eyes will open the universe, prolong live, make live better by taken away diseases or better life. Science should be access to anyone, we should share, while knowledge is being limited, what we do is we taken from ourselves the opportunity a possible answer, a clerk in India (Ramanujan) become the prince of Mathematics (taken more than 75 years to realized his significance), only because Hardy open the doors in Cambridge (at the  time there was a  Bachelor at research—today the educational program is created to limited the access, monies become the gate, in Europe the Diploma system was change to the Anglo Saxon model, which is based on monies, as the economic meltdown of 2008 not supervision, the educational model based on limited axes, become a privilege). At the same period of time a clerk in Patent office in Swiss (at least one of the 5 papers was help of his wife—even he did not acknowledge, does not take away his genius and creativity), shock the foundations, by publishing let anyone to question and verified his work. Here is the model open access, because in the end we all benefit, even false, then we can advance, open and transparent, access, the individual  measure should be based on the work.

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The Slave Trade

After Theoduses II codex and Valentine II in 432, where frame how Christianity will in the Roman Empire established , one of the fundamentals was Emperor choice by God, to have this direct connection, the claim—a tradition from Nero to others was the Roman Emperor was a God, here the claim was less, but the chosen was frame in Hebrew Bible, because that one of the many rules to constrain the Jews, were not a lot to own slaves.
While Antisemitism of the Roman Catholic Church was vicious and harsh, Martin Luther in 180 pages rant against the Jews in the Jews on his Lies set the the ground work wish in the Protestant and specially Germany, with secularization of Antisemitism, because that and many other factors the Jews become permanent outsiders is described by Arendt in the Origin of  Totalitarianism described the secularization.
The slave trade in the west of Africa, small scale, was accepted by Islam, specially regarding pagans, the trade was encouraged, when Portuguese encounter in west Africa the slave traded, established is trade my Arabs, the mass scale was accepted, not only by Portugal, Spain eventually British, while Spanish slave trade, basically was based to the last slaved standing as  described by Gates Black in Latin American, 2011 New York University Press, while the British North America Colonies the trade pick at 500,000 Slaves, the Portuguese and Spanish colonies brought 11 Million Slaves, which majority did not survived the institution.
The trade was limited only to Christians, Hugh Thomas in The Slave Trade, The Story of the Atlantic Slave Trade 1440-1870, 1997 Simon & Schuster,  made clear from the Transport, the capture, where done in Kingdom of Bennie or other in West Africa, but the purchase, transport and sell only Christians allot, not Jews (or Practice the Jewish fate) were a lot to participated in the trade, when new Christians began to be involved the inquisition got involved and stop in the tracks 1667  Grillo Curacao, where while Jews were allot practice their fate openly, the inquisition made sure the other end of the trade--1670, will not beneficent the Jews or the New Christians--One of big traders ended with Auto fe in 1633 in Seville (Antonio Lamegos) for being decedent of New Christians.

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Dreams of Posibilities

God, Evolution and the Polis

One big misconception and used today, by many when they are speaking about evolution, if was a theory, which need some verification. To convey ideas is very important to make simple, clear, transparent and précises.  When we are speaking of the scientific method, it’s not just about the falsification, but control, we have a reference, while Darwin in the Origin of Species spoke the mechanism was natural selection, and while itself become complicated idea, natural selection is not just a biological process, but the environment, internal and social behaviors (Kropotkin’s Mutual Aid, and recent time De Waal) . The fundamental verification: DNA, in Humans around 30,000 and Mosquito 50,000, one of the factor of Human mortality being complicated, the cells continuous mutation (due to external or continues error) make difficult to handle, while stripes are made from individual immunology (the cells hide from our natural self-defense mechanism), to DNA repair or modification, one underline factor the capacity of this cells for Mutation, one of the fundamental factors driven Natural Selection. We can say with full certain the Evolution is a fact, as life is bound by the physical experience, like gravity being one of the fundamental forces, evolution is one of the fundamental fact science can explain a phenomenon, while science is not just the only source of knowledge (epistemology), and science may explain everything or not, science advantage verification and reproducible.
While as danger to make this fact as an ideology, example and consequences, the Indus valley civilization, with all their gods, there was not hierarchy and the collapse, like Egypt, Mesopotamia, a drought, the Maya Civilization abandon their cities because could not be sustain—they destroy the environment, where in case Indus Valley climate change, not just them, but extend to Egypt, like of water brought the civilization down.
In the Athenian constitution, the reason of the creation of the constitution by Solon and extended Peraclies, was to deal with poverty, the fact the wealthy bound the poor by big percent above the original amount interest (a fundamental flaw of the Polis was the citizenship was male—women excluded and slaves where the drive the economics of the cities), they created a city bureaucracy, and by paying from Jurors to positions given poor access to power.
To be consider as a Polis need to have the angora (public space—the center of the live, where general assembly, the market was the political center, despise of the demagogues use the same space to create an opinion), intuitions the Athenians ships stock with the poor, but pay, the temples, library where become this institutions, the houses where equal distribution given sense of equality, and in this assemblies they send themselves to wars, democracy need assemblies, public spaces and public building, and participation—not political parties, while factions where created, the randomness and limiting the occupants of office by time, never to be in the position, again, more important, the salary given the poor access to participated.