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The Slave Trade

After Theoduses II codex and Valentine II in 432, where frame how Christianity will in the Roman Empire established , one of the fundamentals was Emperor choice by God, to have this direct connection, the claim—a tradition from Nero to others was the Roman Emperor was a God, here the claim was less, but the chosen was frame in Hebrew Bible, because that one of the many rules to constrain the Jews, were not a lot to own slaves.
While Antisemitism of the Roman Catholic Church was vicious and harsh, Martin Luther in 180 pages rant against the Jews in the Jews on his Lies set the the ground work wish in the Protestant and specially Germany, with secularization of Antisemitism, because that and many other factors the Jews become permanent outsiders is described by Arendt in the Origin of  Totalitarianism described the secularization.
The slave trade in the west of Africa, small scale, was accepted by Islam, specially regarding pagans, the trade was encouraged, when Portuguese encounter in west Africa the slave traded, established is trade my Arabs, the mass scale was accepted, not only by Portugal, Spain eventually British, while Spanish slave trade, basically was based to the last slaved standing as  described by Gates Black in Latin American, 2011 New York University Press, while the British North America Colonies the trade pick at 500,000 Slaves, the Portuguese and Spanish colonies brought 11 Million Slaves, which majority did not survived the institution.
The trade was limited only to Christians, Hugh Thomas in The Slave Trade, The Story of the Atlantic Slave Trade 1440-1870, 1997 Simon & Schuster,  made clear from the Transport, the capture, where done in Kingdom of Bennie or other in West Africa, but the purchase, transport and sell only Christians allot, not Jews (or Practice the Jewish fate) were a lot to participated in the trade, when new Christians began to be involved the inquisition got involved and stop in the tracks 1667  Grillo Curacao, where while Jews were allot practice their fate openly, the inquisition made sure the other end of the trade--1670, will not beneficent the Jews or the New Christians--One of big traders ended with Auto fe in 1633 in Seville (Antonio Lamegos) for being decedent of New Christians.

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Dreams of Posibilities

God, Evolution and the Polis

One big misconception and used today, by many when they are speaking about evolution, if was a theory, which need some verification. To convey ideas is very important to make simple, clear, transparent and prĂ©cises.  When we are speaking of the scientific method, it’s not just about the falsification, but control, we have a reference, while Darwin in the Origin of Species spoke the mechanism was natural selection, and while itself become complicated idea, natural selection is not just a biological process, but the environment, internal and social behaviors (Kropotkin’s Mutual Aid, and recent time De Waal) . The fundamental verification: DNA, in Humans around 30,000 and Mosquito 50,000, one of the factor of Human mortality being complicated, the cells continuous mutation (due to external or continues error) make difficult to handle, while stripes are made from individual immunology (the cells hide from our natural self-defense mechanism), to DNA repair or modification, one underline factor the capacity of this cells for Mutation, one of the fundamental factors driven Natural Selection. We can say with full certain the Evolution is a fact, as life is bound by the physical experience, like gravity being one of the fundamental forces, evolution is one of the fundamental fact science can explain a phenomenon, while science is not just the only source of knowledge (epistemology), and science may explain everything or not, science advantage verification and reproducible.
While as danger to make this fact as an ideology, example and consequences, the Indus valley civilization, with all their gods, there was not hierarchy and the collapse, like Egypt, Mesopotamia, a drought, the Maya Civilization abandon their cities because could not be sustain—they destroy the environment, where in case Indus Valley climate change, not just them, but extend to Egypt, like of water brought the civilization down.
In the Athenian constitution, the reason of the creation of the constitution by Solon and extended Peraclies, was to deal with poverty, the fact the wealthy bound the poor by big percent above the original amount interest (a fundamental flaw of the Polis was the citizenship was male—women excluded and slaves where the drive the economics of the cities), they created a city bureaucracy, and by paying from Jurors to positions given poor access to power.
To be consider as a Polis need to have the angora (public space—the center of the live, where general assembly, the market was the political center, despise of the demagogues use the same space to create an opinion), intuitions the Athenians ships stock with the poor, but pay, the temples, library where become this institutions, the houses where equal distribution given sense of equality, and in this assemblies they send themselves to wars, democracy need assemblies, public spaces and public building, and participation—not political parties, while factions where created, the randomness and limiting the occupants of office by time, never to be in the position, again, more important, the salary given the poor access to participated.

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Race and Identity

The neo-liberal economic model implemented in US by Regan and Thatcher in U.K (specifically trickle-down economics, where cutting taxes on the they will decided where the monies will be utilized, the fallacy, the wealthy will invest when cost is too high and because whether is a single or family consumption goes so far, on the other hand because their objective is to maximizes their wealth, hence trying to minimize the cost, of course the issue, society based on consumption if the product does not move created crises by 1930´s or chain reaction of 2008), while their implementation was based on believe, economics is not a sciences, economics is values believe, dress by mathematical descriptions.
The end result, the shift into a consumer economics, created such unstable, unequal society, and the system does not have mechanism, retrain or shift individuals, but a constant is to blame failure to the other, in Common Cause the glue in US was races in Europe was Antisemitic.
In Europe, the reality of mass scale industrial murder carries by state and individuals, become a permanent reality, while the have moments the extreme right and the right to deny, where in the left try to minimize, still can no be ignore.
In the US, the 500 years of slaves, from colony where slaves had been institutions through history (Iliad, slaves are mainly women taken as booty of war: Chryseis (1:12–3, 29–30, 111–5), Briseis (2:688–9), Diomede (6:654–5), Iphis (6:666–8) and Hecamede (11:624–7)), while anyone in this position, the slave in Greek cities used in Agriculture (Finley (1997), p.149), in many case mean a death sentences working in mines (Poroi (On Revenues), 4; Garlan, p.147).
As bounty was customs under Christians and Islam, but introduction in British Colonies in Americas based on race, when in the original declaration, the weight of the political power of the white man was 11/2 of the average vote, just because the slave ownership, the rotunda of the US congress was built with slave labour, including the wealth of many Educational Institutions were based on slave ownership.
After 1864, the question about slave become a question of race, the US never have come to terms about this actions, while legal manner did not existence, the prejudices were transfer in to the colour of the skin.  
After the 1963 of Civil Rights, today in sense has not alter, from while policy have power trips, in many case, they used with mix of race to basically to gun down, African Americans or anyone wo do fit their prejudices of race.

Saturday, April 01, 2017




Customize Economy

Hannah Arendt in Origen Totalitarianism suggested, because abnormal situation the Jews were, situated, by identified with adulteress (Origin of Antisemitism, Israelowitz 2016) in Canonical law in 420 CE. The hierarchy of the Feudal Society base in Agriculture, when mass production enter, with press for book production, the Artesian—Customize economy of the cities, since the many of the cities state of the Greek and Roman was based on Slaves, the Medieval city based on Guilds and Artesian become left behind in many case obsolete.
While, the mass production taken two or fourth Generations to be affected, in because still the need of unskilled workers, the moving of the peasant to crown the cities, producing social tensions, the work in Glass in the middle 19th and 20th Century Organic chemistry rise of pharma, bring the specialize economy, begin to reproduce the customize economy, the only group able to adapted to specialize and mobile society, were the Jews, because the law had put situation of creating their own networks in general the cities, while in Eastern Europe, the Pale created by Russian Czarina Catherine, limited to small villages, where the economy—forces them to be closes to peasants—limiting to small middle men, peddlers and some cases work the land in limited capacity.
Technology in this stage have revived this customize economy, only few with specialize skills are able to function. The Arab Spring, especially in Syria, because the climate changes  due to Human activity, creating a draw forcing peasant to move into the cities, lack of skill and educations created the social pressure, and the outside force created US invasion of Iraq created the perfect storm.
While the solution as Social approach, where free access to Education or training Models for solution exist like Open Polytechnic in New Zealand, Open Research Institutes like Plank Institute in Germany, technical training using Community College or using Medical Hospital to training MD, Nurses, Biotechnology, Biology and Chemistry or Veterinarian clinics, the infrastructure already  exist, investment in Libraries and using the facility for educational centers, and community gathering,  community gardens not only for food production, but as learning institutions. While just a beginning, since this customize economy began to affect a national salary, so anyone can explore and pursue his/her talent, everyone have, the issue to making a living stop, but with the limited jobs due to automation of the mass production economy and shift to the customize economy, as producing an inequality, which will be the seeds for the next revolution.
Society needs to invest in Renewal energy, Sun, wind, hydro, Bio-gas, public investment to Hyperloop and Rail, from street cards to metros, the used of vertical farming—a society which see the environment from recycle to everyday life, nature is our allied and we are care takers, we need to leave our surrenders and environment  in better shape the we inherent, for us and the next generations, if we are to terraform new worlds we need to understand, our actions have consequences and two we are not alone, economy base on self-management and cooperatives.