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Customize Economy

Hannah Arendt in Origen Totalitarianism suggested, because abnormal situation the Jews were, situated, by identified with adulteress (Origin of Antisemitism, Israelowitz 2016) in Canonical law in 420 CE. The hierarchy of the Feudal Society base in Agriculture, when mass production enter, with press for book production, the Artesian—Customize economy of the cities, since the many of the cities state of the Greek and Roman was based on Slaves, the Medieval city based on Guilds and Artesian become left behind in many case obsolete.
While, the mass production taken two or fourth Generations to be affected, in because still the need of unskilled workers, the moving of the peasant to crown the cities, producing social tensions, the work in Glass in the middle 19th and 20th Century Organic chemistry rise of pharma, bring the specialize economy, begin to reproduce the customize economy, the only group able to adapted to specialize and mobile society, were the Jews, because the law had put situation of creating their own networks in general the cities, while in Eastern Europe, the Pale created by Russian Czarina Catherine, limited to small villages, where the economy—forces them to be closes to peasants—limiting to small middle men, peddlers and some cases work the land in limited capacity.
Technology in this stage have revived this customize economy, only few with specialize skills are able to function. The Arab Spring, especially in Syria, because the climate changes  due to Human activity, creating a draw forcing peasant to move into the cities, lack of skill and educations created the social pressure, and the outside force created US invasion of Iraq created the perfect storm.
While the solution as Social approach, where free access to Education or training Models for solution exist like Open Polytechnic in New Zealand, Open Research Institutes like Plank Institute in Germany, technical training using Community College or using Medical Hospital to training MD, Nurses, Biotechnology, Biology and Chemistry or Veterinarian clinics, the infrastructure already  exist, investment in Libraries and using the facility for educational centers, and community gathering,  community gardens not only for food production, but as learning institutions. While just a beginning, since this customize economy began to affect a national salary, so anyone can explore and pursue his/her talent, everyone have, the issue to making a living stop, but with the limited jobs due to automation of the mass production economy and shift to the customize economy, as producing an inequality, which will be the seeds for the next revolution.
Society needs to invest in Renewal energy, Sun, wind, hydro, Bio-gas, public investment to Hyperloop and Rail, from street cards to metros, the used of vertical farming—a society which see the environment from recycle to everyday life, nature is our allied and we are care takers, we need to leave our surrenders and environment  in better shape the we inherent, for us and the next generations, if we are to terraform new worlds we need to understand, our actions have consequences and two we are not alone, economy base on self-management and cooperatives.

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Terror as instrument of Totalitarianism

Goodwind in Enquiry Concerning Political Justice, consider poverty is a form of slavery and with the dictum property is theft, meaning how property is distributed according a decision of individual or individual, setting the rules for the distribution always tilted to benefit an elite. Sometimes these elite try to maintain only access to their group, as an expression of Nationalism and blame the outside, when their lost economic or political power.
When idea to maintain a tradition, after all in the in early Christianity, the female share a function of power, Augustine conversion from Paganism and his own promiscuous behavior, turn the expulsion of Adam into discovering his nankeens into issue about sexuality, since was the women who out fear the she have eat the fruit from the tree of Knowledge, procreation have a beginning and end, now Man knew the cycle of life, and for Augustine was the women, and Aquinas using scholastic logic to frame not just in the original fall Man, but in every aspect.
In the Rabbinical tradition the evens was not about knowledge, after all the almighty gave man the Job to discover the essences of his creation and that itself is knowledge, the fall of man was arrogance. The almighty say do not eat the fruit, when the Snake seduced the women, the women say do not touch and do not eat, she though she will better in given boundaries, the snake size upon, and told her touch, and she did realizing not effect, then when to next stop, the women had an understanding, and used the same trick.
In Christianity the negative view of life, not man can be trusted by his passions, let to conservative logical conclusion, a Xenophobic nationalism, and the political system is based on a capricious definition what is legal or not, the terror the only one man with a stroke and only him know the legality making arbitrary, government by decree, creating a lawless society, and the only legality is the individual who proclaim this legality, only the power yield, what is moral, and ethical compass. Hi alone, defined Natural History or Historical law, the only valid interpretation is that individual, not other become the terror an uncertainty for the society, since they are not the prescribed rules, but the rules issue by a single individual.

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Court Yard



The Prelude to war and Totalitarianism

Arendt in OT (Origins of Totalitarianism), the first steps to a Totalitarian regime is to deny the citizen rights, the backlash against the civic Napoleon Code in 1800´s, the Restoration of by the despotic regimes of United Kingdom, the Russian Czar, Joseph from Austria take form, not only them but Papal States to return of the Jews to the Ghetto.
The first steps by Nazi Germany to turn any minority into a Stateless People on other words according to Arendt: “these persons had lost the protection of the government.” (O.T., p.279). In the same line a way to stop was to creation of a new term Displace Person to mitigate this action, given a legal status (the de-naturalization take in two levels: one natural born and nationality given by the state—the French in 1915 pass a law to deal of enemies and during WWII the US intern camps for Japanese, which US apologized and 1980´s the US court issue the state does not have the right to deprived their freedom based on Religion, Race or ethnic background, a prelude was the expulsion in 1930´s in Los Angeles towards Mexican by decent, included the born in US).  
The laws introduced in the 30´s in France restricted the naturalized citizens in professions, which during WWII, the US of America unitized against Japanese American. In Nazi Germany introduced the idea Alien Blood in losing the nationality—the implication was for the Jews, or anyone, whom, not two parents consider German could not have German Nationality. This action when Germany began the Genocide, the Jews and other not-Aryans stop of being Humans.
The masses give power to a totalitarian regime by participated in the illusion of motion around them, from external, like the Russian extended their Totalitarian view to east, through the communist party.
German National socialist view themselves as ideological state and Mussolini-whom, was appointed by the Italian Monarchy is the leader, where Hitler was the leader of his own. Goebbles difference between the National Socialism (based on race) and the Fascist (power as Rhodes view for sake of expansion (O.T., pp.136-138), where Imperialism was consider the first stage of political power of the bourgeoisie rather the last stage of Capitalism, because the opportunity the mob supported Imperial power, out their self-interest (O.T., pp.147-151), expressed by Rhodes the Workmen out this self-interest become Imperialist and the Liberal Party will follow, OT 155 the alliance between the mob Imperialism (Imperialism is expansion for the sake of expansion, independent of any value—(O.T., p.160) race was used a tool to rationalized the colonization)), while the National Socialism was based on movement transcendent a geographic region, but the base was raced, but Hitler saw an affinity between National Socialism and Communist, while the driving of the National Socialism was race, the Communist was class, Hitler saw communist the Idealist of the Socialist (Heiden p.147), Röhm in, Die Geschichte eine Hochverraters, 1933, Volksausgabe, p.273,  there is allot between the communist and us, their idealism, the sincerity of their conviction and willing of sacrifices themselves for the own cause.
Khrushchev speech before the twenty Party the only person that Stalin trusted one man Hitler (O.T, p. 310, Arennt in footnote 14, for that reason Stalin did not believe Hitler will attack, in the same speech. Is worthy to mention the Genocide committed by Stalin, Souvarine p. 669: “ According to W Krisvity as the GPU in stated of 171 Million inhabited calculated for 1937, only 145 Million were found, so 30 Million in the USSR were missing O.T., p. 310, footnote 13”).
Totalitarian regimes are possible when the masses become organize and held together by a common interest OT, P311 (The US Trump the appeal is race, which have the fundamental issue see—Parkinson R G, The Common Cause: Creating Race And Nation in the American Revolution, University of North Carolina Press, 2016). A characteristic the totalitarian movement’s use and abuse democratic freedom to abolished, (O.T., p. 312), especially the idea of equality under law. In Nazi Germany was possible because there was social stratification and Russia, because ignorance of the Peasants (O.T., p. 313).  In the case German the bourgeois was developed in romanticism given room to the strong man. In both cases the early member in Stalin were paranoid and Hitler case Armed Bohemians. Carlton Hayes, explain the in General Totalitarian movement become because the masses (O.T., p. 317, footnote 23).
The idea of control was fundamental Stalin against Trotsky perpetual revolution, Stalin respond was Trotsky, the 300 Families control (O.T., p.364), and Röhm perpetual motion, using the SS the Feudal lords base on race, there was room for revolutions.
The National Socialism race was the driving the communist elimination of classes and forcing the peasant to collectivization and expropriation of the Kulaks. The success for Stain was in two years 1936-1938 rid himself of the aristocratic elite of the party, the consequence when Hitler turn against, they had not a system to respond, due to the centralization, not saying destroy the Soviet economy.
The Fascist ideal was to create a new feudal lordship—elite in the country, where in the totalitarian system is not content to rule by external means, but through the state and machinery of violence to create an apparatus of coercion to terrorize the society.
The two totalitarian systems come to power by the mob, the National Socialism the elite come a selection from the elite, where the communist the cadre come to manipulated the mob-due their ignorance. Because, the two different traditions the Nazi was model a military model and Bolsheviks yielded power through the secret policy (O.T., p. 380). The power included when the victim did not complain even to the last moment.
The National Socialism take a peculiar paranoia using the defrauded book written by the Czar secret police Protocols Elders of Zion (O.T., p.333), to the point Hitler say anything about politics he learn from the Jews referring to the forgery (O.T., p.358 footnote41, p. 360).
The politic Hitler was referring was propaganda, to be able to subdue the population--needed a tool race. Using Pseudo-Science and propagate the same manner as the US movement of Eugenics. Race become the glue which hold together the society, and socialism given the “we” a sense of belonging (O.T., p 354, p.361).
One characteristic to qualify as the leader has become unending infallibility (O.T., pp. 348-349). The infallibility, not because intelligence, but a sense of history, therefore, the leader cannot be wrong.  Their objective is in the long run overriding any utilitarian consideration.
A peculiar event take place with the Zionist is a Nationalist, but more political stamen as national boundary and stops the aloofness of the Jews of politics (O.T., p.355). The example of the fourth nations after the collapse of Lithuanian-Polish commonwealth, the choice to the Jews from the Pale to take sites with Polish or Russia, the Naivety of the Jews choose and part because suffer the everyday Polish Anti-Semitism or intuitional Anti-Semitism by Russia, the Naivety misunderstanding the Russia policy from Katherine inherent the Pale after Sweden, Katherine wanted every subject to become Russia, not just languages, but culture-Russification meaning not minorities or ethnics or religions exist outside besides of Russia.
The semantics of the two groups was the German is identity and communist as call International Russification, for the Germans mean not Jewish ancestry in the case of the SS to 1750 (O.T., p. 356, footnote 35). For the Bolsheviks not class.
Hitler divided the masses in a structure form sympathizers and member, where member are the selection limiting them. The SS represent the new Feudal Order and model based on the old Teutonic Order in Latvia and Lithuanian in Medieval Europe.  The objective of the Totalitarian regime is to achieve of none-normalization using coercion, to dominate the society.
The elitism was achieved to model this new structure as secret societies (O.T., p.376, footnote same page 90; Goodrick-Clarke N, The Occult Roots of Nazism, 2012, Tauris Parke Paperbacks).
The Nazis wanted to conquer the world deport the racially Alien and exterminated those inferior biological heritage (if you had heart condition was included—similar proposal of the Republican Party, in abolishing the insurance reform introduced by Obama—in one word, if you are not fit you are death,, the same idea by the Republican party extended to the Privatization of the Veterans Administration, Medicare, and despite the Social Security, the government set aside monies for later days, the Republicans have question why the elderly should have access as recent comment made by Fox News—the expert who made comment was fires after outrage).
For the soviets the enemies were 300 Families who supported the Trotsky’s or the cosmopolitans (the same enemy created by Trump) (O.T., p.378). Totalitarianism domination is possible, because lack spontaneous and individuality (O.T., p.405) and the security forces are used to accomplished, by isolation of the individual. For Hitler was the Aryan world Empire for the Bolsheviks was secular russification.
A totalitarian leader achieve by insulting to the person receiving the insult, in the end become the enemy become easy to achieve Genocide (O.T., p.424—Trump as example). The policy objective is not to discover a crime but to maintain the coercion (O.T., p.426). The instrument of coercion is being achieved by independents, in case of the SS and NKVD was slave work- property (O.T., p. 478).

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Racism, Antisemitism, Pan, Fascism and Imperialism

Arendt, view of the  industrial antisemitism was reaction in many levels the first Napoleon to dislodge the influence of the Catholic Church, especially the Catholic Church created a unusual status the Jews, the Christian religion saw the not just derived but ownership to a truth, the transformation of believe to a political tool, sending and controlling the Jews to the fringe, the Theodosius code in 400´s C.E. relegated the Jews to the status of  adulteress (not an accident of identified the Jews with Yellow, the color used to identified prostitutes and adulterers), the restoration the push by Aristocrats and the Absolutes Monarchies took away the right of man, meaning civil right, Napoleon give citizenship is not a privilege, but the right given by geography birth and  naturalization, not privilege gave by Aristocrats, Monarchy or Imperial decree and since the existence of the Christian as Religion is based on this  privilege.
According to Arendt antisemitism was not just a question of privilege but a utilitarian based, when the usefulness was lost then become a competition for limited resources. When a National economy, based on Production or consumption limited is found then expansion weather is mercantile, colonization or simple used force, the Jews because the fate was based limited to individual the Authority of Aristocrat or Monarch since in the fringe the only work could provide was commerce or under licenses like Medical Doctors or Attorneys, Universities in general (even today) Nepotism closed access to other alternatives.
Hobbes, in Leviathan becomes the bourgeoisie philosopher, where the state is not based on law weather was divine, nature or social contract for him the private interest is the same is the public. Form him the individual not sense of solidarity or the greater good is individual selfishness is the drive for the society. Anything outside, then there is not obligation or sympathy. The consequences was racism  become the main weapon of Imperialism, and the nature of Imperialism like racism goes across national boundaries, only to be identified by specific the uniqueness, the secular identity is destroy.
Two types of Imperial forces appear the sea based and land based, the first because there is was a distance between the colony and the home land was easy to defined the other the British Empire was based, but the Russian Empire was land force a russification, then in Easter Europe take place in form of Ethnic Groups.
The russification defined a new movement based on ethnic lines, based on languages as identification of the ethnic group. In 1814 was called blood relationship (Joseph Goerres in Rheinischer Merkur, 1814 No 25) a tribal unity.   The romantic movement of the 18 Century to an ideal state in nature open a tendency of leaders as patriarchal or matriarchal structures, where individual submitted themselves to their own madness—Arendt (The origin Totalitarianism p.168), unlimited idolization of personality—the cult of individual is the hope, the believe of new religion .
Moreover, the inherent relativism in the romanticism made easy to create the other—in many case the Jew. The Pan Movement common trend in Pan-Slavic and Pan-Germanic was the Jew. Gobineau in 1853 in his Essay: Essai sur l´lnegalite des Races Humanes, theorize the reason for the decadence of any civilization, due to mingle between the races. Gobineau delusion he was a direct decedent of the Odin, using Darwin survival as biological argument created industrialist racism, where mass groups.
Gobineau proposed an Aryan Prices as the new elite, their purpose to the defended the blood. Arendt view (O.T., pp.175-176), the seeds of German Race Thinking take place in the Napoleonic Wars, and the creation of the Englishmen at the same time, where England due to the culture homogeneity and Aristocrat class in control the Englishmen/Racism was based on a national identity—a second factor the upper classes were assimilated in the gentry due to the wealth, since British Empire was based on Mercantile.
The Darwinism justify only the best will succeed--fittest, and therefore their reward was to belong. The British Racism take shape in Bureaucracy running an empire—(history of South Africa with Dutch colonizers, were they become Native by transforming themselves into  a tribe, and behaving as such, they themselves become the idealize symbol of race (Arendt O.T. pp 185-197) when they were pressure the move, like any tribe will due under the same circumstances.
Rhodes (p.200) a natural Imperialism believes in ideal expansion for the sake of expansion, introduced racism as natural tool or Imperialism—for Rhodes and other white, many Jews come to South Africa as financiers as part a nation Economic, but for Rhodes and other White British was not room, since the Economy was base expansion, and the Jews limitation there was usefulness following the Darwin logic, then they were less fit, become the lesser race. For the Jews who become part society as industrial producers and support rule as attorneys and Medical Doctors, become a treat, since the South Africa economy was based on Commodity (Gold and Diamantes), expulsion was proclaim. South Africa was the pinnacle of what a society race was to be. Rhodes culminated his ideal with Rhodes Scholarship Association funding Nordic race students to Oxford (p. 215 and the same page footnote 50).
The ideal of Rhodes take form by Lawrence, believer of the great game and Lawrence become the functionary as historical figure push by the stream to make history and being history.
The Pan are not just ideologies or politics, while the patriotism was base in loyalty to the race, in reality the Pan are movements, while the British racism come from the imperial aspiration the Pan-Germanic and Pan-Slavic come from Land Empires to justify the land capture based on ethnic and Racism. The differences the Germanic was based on Race exclusive and Slavic (Russia), was Imperial oppression to languages and the ethnic identity.
The foundation of Pan-Germanic take place in Austria-Hungary, were different ethnic groups only can take covert and comfort in their ethnic identity. The antisemitism in Austria take very violence, because their saw by all the groups closed to the oppressor (German Speaking) and part of the machinery of oppression.
Arendt define nationalism is a perversion of the state as an expression to identified the citizens as member of the state (O.T. p. 231). In the same take for Arendt Racism is denying common origin of man (O.T. p.234). The combination the Pan become messianic to the particular group a new race religion is born. Austria and Russia saw in advantage by using as culture weapon, in Russia the policy of Russification. In the case of Austria the Pan was treason, because the objective was nor the Empire but the race.
Pan-Germanic can be attributed to Georg von Schroenerer, in his view to enlarged tribal conscious only can be achieve by a glue in this case the hate of the Jews—the Linz Program in 1885 added the not Jews (O.T. pp 238-239 and foot note 84), the reason pp 240 a nation without a sate and without visible institutions (see foot note 87, same page), but the fundamental clash as previously with Islam and Christianity the choosiness, which was the mantel of the Pan. The differences for the Jews was Human redemption and the Pan was the single—their race.
The Russian take in the form of the Forgery by Russia Secret Policy upon the suggestion of Pobyedonostev adviser of Nicholas II, the hate toward the Jews was move the Jews choose themselves not God, therefore the ethnic group need to avenge such blasphemy.(O.T. 242).
The French antisemitism had an unusual characteristic which took hold with National Socialism the Pseudo-Mysticism, based a Catholic Church own mysticism. The Pan-Slavic hate was not just extended to the west, but included the materialistic west; the irrationality and Mysticism in Orthodox Church gave an emotional hold (O.T. page 246 foot note 65). Pobyedonostev describe power is only for the love the God (O.T. p.48, foot note 70) and the love the God was only the Czar. This Slavic identification is describe by Dostoyevsky Crime Punishment Raskolnikov confession, to the Czar and then to God.   
Traditionally the conservatives’ parties were created to defend the interest of the landed property, but they need a rational the God created the man to till the soil, in the Jews without nation, they have not soil, while the trans Pan ended National socialism and Soviet Russia. The national Racism base on tribalism was developed in France, with Frenchmen, and Fascism. Fascism the single party as the movement as described to include an economic program.
Leon XII saw the Industrialization dislocated the peasants and come to the city the capitalist owning the means production in conflict with producers, since Marx point and denoted a program, Leon XII a third way, described by Mussolini: The corporate state is to correct and neutralizing a condition brought by industrial revolution of the 19th century which dissociate capital and labour industry, given rise on the one hand to a capitalist class employer, the industrial a juxtaposition. The program was the economic hearth carry by Franco and especially in Portugal the dictatorship of Salazar. In Europe Germany as example by having the workers, Managers and shareholders, of course the difficulty the one who owns the capital owns everything, in some ways this is Program described by Trumps in spirit, of Economic Nationalism, where the owner class control everything.

The Pan movement saw the Bureaucracies as vehicles for organization, in National Socialism in Germany and eventually the secular Empire of the Soviet Russia.